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1, To ask for earnestly : beg, demand 2, To want greatly : need b : to yearn for 3, To have a strong or inward desire

I was craving french fries, so I pulled into the nearest fast-food restaurant.

Create the Crave Blow his mind and his taste buds….

Why not go totally chocolate, it looks mess but messy is sexy, it looks sticky but sticky is playful, it looks tasty because it is and tasty is undeniably sexy…

How far are you willing to aim to please?

Spice ChocolateKURE Imagine that bath is sure to leave you chocolaty smooth….here’s how

  1. Set the stage with a white backdrop, four flood lights, a directors chair for your partner and an instant camera to created the hottest, sweetest selfies ever.
  2. Get your pre-warmed chocolate and pour it from a glass cistern from head to toe.  Don’t be shy the more daring the more intoxicating… drive your partner wild.
  3. Make sexy faces, be  the sensual bell you are…wear bold and beautiful lip colors and or glosses, part your lips to ensure the imagery drives them bonkers.
  4. move slowly, no need to rush, imagine moving in slow motion, yeah, do that…
  5. lean, squat, bend, twist, turn, laugh, giggle, bite your fingers, yeah that’ll do it
  6. invite your partner to the backdrop, LIGHTS OUT! Chocolate comes in many flavors…


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