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When you embrace your sexuality it means feeling comfortable and confident about who you are sexually, and that does mean you have to have a lot of sex or act provocatively.  Sexuality is much more it’s an integral part of who you are not just as a human being, but as a woman.  Sex is not the only way to express your sexuality, while its is fun, intimate, its expressing your emotions, its empowering.  However sex is not exclusive to your romantic relationship or sexual escapades. Its recognizing the stigma and shame surrounding your sexual being, by accepting your sexual desires, and thinking about the biological nature of sex allows you to express your sexuality and what makes you feel beautiful.  Do things that make you feel sexy and empowered, the kind of clothing is the perfect way to show your confidence and sexuality as you’d like.  When you use your sexuality to guide you to  do what you do, all the shame and insecurity become overpowered, and you will become your most authentic self. Don’t be afraid to share with the world who you are as a Sensual Woman.                           WHO IS THAT WOMAN? (left-The Legendary Artist Eartha Kitt)                                                              AFFIRMATION: I Embrace My Sexuality, and I Am Beautiful In It.   

1) Recognize  2) Accept 3) Consider                                                 

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