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The People in your life:

The People in your life:

1) CONFIDANT: A male or female close friend to whom you can tell secrets. A confidant is non judgmental, they accept you for who and what you are, however they can also tell you when you’re wrong. If you have ONE confidant in life cherish them; because they will stick with you come hell or high waters.

2) COMRADE: They’re not your friend. They’re not for or against you, they’re just for your cause (much like the white house) you just share a common goal and once its over you’re over. A comrade will fight to the end.

3) CONSTITUENT: Be-ware of the constituent, they’re opportunist. The will stick to you suck you blood, they almost look like a friend, until something better comes along and they’ll drop you like a hot potato. Purpose served.  

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