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Ways to Be Affectionate

The daily prescription for happy lasting love: Affection can come in a variety of forms – touch, a nice gesture, a thoughtful question, just to name a few. Do you know which form of affection your partner appreciates most? And how much do you really care?

Unless you put the object of your affection through Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages test, you should assume that your partner needs a little bit of every kind. Sprinkle it on them throughout the day, every day. Why? Because like trust and sex, affection is an essential element of a happy lasting relationship.

The Touch

This is the most fundamental way of showing affection. A quick hug in the morning, holding hands even briefly on your way to dinner… Get your creative juices flowing – surely you can find one or two ways to be tactile with your partner out of the bedroom.

Physically touching your partner increases both your levels of oxytocin which is the hormone that turns us into big loving softees. You can even buy an oxytocin spray to boost your levels artificially! But be careful not to overdo it – excessive touchy-feeliness can quickly turn from cute to clingy.

“tart the morning with a hug and kiss, inquire about your partner’s day after work (and actually let them answer), throw in a small thoughtful gesture (ok, this one you don’t have to do daily but often enough). Then finish your day with a drawn out foreplay session followed by awesome sex.”

No need to reinvent the wheel, the works already done.

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